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Our Activities

Every day is different at Bizzy Kidz Club. We have lots of planned activities as well as giving children the time to have free choice. Children can adapt activities to suit their needs or interests and we are always open to listening to creative ideas!

Here are just some of the activities we offer:


Arts & Crafts

We are always thinking of new and exciting arts and crafts to try. Some of our most popular activities include printing, collage, clay and bracelet making. 

Food Activities

Our food activities develop children's skills and give them the opportunity to try new foods. 

Our chopstick challenge and blindfolded taste-testing activities are always great fun!



We love science! From bottle rockets to collapsing cans, we offer activities that get your kids thinking.

Woodland Activities

Bug hunts, spring crowns and birdfeeders are just some of the woodland activities we offer.


Local Outings

A great opportunity for children to explore the local area.

Themed Days

Themed days are great fun! Some of our previous themed days have included Harry Potter, Around the World and Winter Wonderland.

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